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Todd L.

By Todd's sister, Gina

Todd Lescarbeau

Saint Paul, Minnesota

I am paying tribute to one of the most beautiful, gentle, kind, and loving souls I have ever known. Todd Lescarbeau is and always will be my big brother, best friend for 40 years, protector, confidant, and so much more.

On January 3, 1970 the sun rose, and Todd graced the world with his presence. Todd always lived his life to the fullest, with no fears and few regrets, until the sun set for him and all who loved him on March 6, 2012.

Todd was a fun, loving, protective and gentle father, brother, son, husband, uncle, nephew, cousin and friend to all that were lucky enough to know him. His addiction began like so many others - with prescription drugs. Todd suffered from severe back problems and was prescribed opioids for the extreme pain he endured. His back issues led to various surgeries over the years, and unfortunately none of them were able to cure his back problems or completely remove the pain.

Todd was a hard working man with integrity, loyalty, and a ton of love to give. Todd was well known at a very young age as an outstanding drummer. Although he spent countless hours practicing the drums, it was obvious to everyone that Todd was a natural. Drumming and music were two of his biggest passions in life.

Everyone who loved Todd, myself included, will never forget the impact he had on us and the world. He fought very hard to overcome his addiction, spending time in quite a few various treatment programs. Unfortunately, most insurance companies only allow up to 30 days of treatment which was an insufficient amount for Todd’s case.

30 days is not nearly enough time for anyone to overcome addiction - especially someone who had struggled with addiction over several years.

Todd’s struggle with the disease of addiction is what ultimately claimed his life. Life will never be the same without him here - I miss him every minute of every day.



I know you're a guardian angel to me, Mom and Dick, your beautiful daughter, Sammie, your amazing son, Andrew, and your precious grand babies, Noah and Amelia.

Rest In Paradise my beloved brother. Forever 42.

Until we meet again - fly high and free.


Your little sister


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