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Shane W.

By Shane's mom, Lisa

Shane Walsh

Derry, NH

This is my son, Shane (Shane-O) Walsh. He passed away on May 4, 2016, to a fentanyl overdose.

At the age of 13, Shane had surgery for a tumor in his knee and was prescribed a 10 day supply of percocet for the pain. Shane later told us, while he was in recovery, that was when he realized how hooked he could get. At 19 years old, percocet became an issue as it was a party drug, then came heroin.

Shane was a fun, loving, big hearted kid. He had many friends and would do anything for them. He showed this quality right up until the day before he died, when he saved his friend from an overdose. Family was also so important to him - Shane had a close bond with his sister, Amanda, and he lived at home with his dad and myself. Shane was so excited to meet his nephew, who was born in September 2015. Thankfully, he got that chance before he passed - Shane took a trip to visit his sister and meet his nephew in Chicago in October 2015 and was looking forward to many more trips to watch his nephew grow up.

Shane had found recovery and was clean for 16 months. However, about three or four weeks before his passing, Shane relapsed. Afterwards, he tried to get help. He was seeking approval for vivitrol shots and medication to help with the depression he had spiraled into. Unfortunately, his insurance did not approve him fast enough.

Shane was so much more than his disease. He worked for a Market Basket supermarket part time at the age of 14, and full time after graduating high school. When he passed, Shane was working in the company’s warehouse.

I found Shane the morning of his passing in his bed. His dad and the paramedics tried to bring him back. We are so sad and angry that, because of insurance taking so long on approving vivitrol and other medications, he didn’t have the chance to once again get back to recovery from this disease that he fought so hard to overcome. Shane truly wanted recovery, as most people with substance use disorders do. We miss him each and every hour of every day.

Shane was an amazing soul, who is missed so much by his family and friends.

With a broken heart,

His Mom

Lisa Walsh


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