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Raymond B.

By Raymond's mom, Dawn

Raymond Bauer

Ray had a zest for life, music and sports were his passion. He DJ'd at a lot of the clubs and met a few famous artists as well as working at Citizens Bank Park meeting a lot of sports players. He loved Rocky, one reason he loved living in Philadelphia. He had a big heart, loved children and was there for support to his friends.

He fought hard, he was 2 weeks shy of his one year sober anniversary. He is missed dearly by me, his brother and many others. I was told by one of his close friends, I named him right because he was a Ray of light when he walked into a room. I know he isn’t in pain anymore and I try to hold onto that each day. Forever 38 my son. 😇💔🦋😪

He was in rehab 5 times, responded well the last couple times. Also, he was in 2 recovery houses though I don’t feel they were the right places for him to actually continue his sober journey.

I talk about him. I’ve posted and become more involved. I attend GRASP support group meetings, I’m planning on starting a blog and hope one day soon to speak to others. If I can help one person, it’s worth it.


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