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Mark P.

By Mark's mom, Marcia

Mark Allen Perrin

Miami, Florida

August 1, 1988 - January 19, 2016

My youngest son, Mark Perrin, was born in Miami, Florida and was raised in Fort Lauderdale. When he was born, Mark was a beautiful, curly headed blonde baby boy, with hazel green eyes. People would stop me in public and tell me, “What a beautiful baby girl!” I would correct them and say, “No, he’s a boy.” He was so beautiful!

Mark loved movies. He could tell you all of the actors by name and could imitate their voices and characters. Mark grew up to become quite a character himself. He had the wit of Jim Carrey and Robin Williams combined. Mark was also a people person and could draw anyone in; especially his friends who would always flock to him.

Mark aspired to be a dancer and he had the moves for it as well. I would always tell him he should be on stage, but rather as an actor because he could cry on cue, was a master manipulator, and he had the look for it - every girl would do a double take when they crossed his path.

On January 19, 2016, Mark died from an accidental heroin overdose. He was just released from jail five days prior, after being held for 44 days. Mark went into jail with two oxycodone pills hidden in his boxers. Upon his release, he entered a sober house, and ingested those pills. I received a call on his first night at the sober house, telling me that I had to go pick Mark up because he tested positive on his drug test. The next morning I picked Mark up and took him to the emergency room.

Mark had to appear in court as a result. The judge ordered mandatory entry into a drug treatment facility, or he would not be able to have a bail bond. Mark promised to go if I let him come home, take a shower, and spend $25 on snacks. Instead, he spent $190 on drugs, without my knowledge. When I found out about his drug purchase with my money, I said, "Mark, this is the last time you will steal from me.” Well, it was the last time. I left him at home and went to my daughter's house, which was 20 miles away, crying.

That night I felt Mark leaving this earth. I called and called, to no answer. Mark was found At 3 PM the next day - face down and stiff in my bathroom. My life has changed forever. Drugs consumed my Mark. He is so deeply missed by all of us; his three siblings, his dad, and myself.


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