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Lucas C.

By Lucas' mom, Phyllis

Lucas A. Crawford

Always a smile an encouraging word! A great friend! An incredibly talented young man who played four instruments, beautiful wood worker, and could listen without any judgement!

His was the textbook journey into dark hole of addiction. In high school, always the party guy and then it couldn't stop. As parents we thought we knew what to do of course -- force him to rehab, watch him constantly and then there came the years of illegal activity that almost broke this family.

Finally incarceration for three years, every weekend visits, endless talks about what had to change once he was out. The sudden decline and the guilt for not foreseeing his decline and then death.

Grief is a never-ending journey that is different for each person. We honor Lucas by speaking of him often, telling his son about him, and remembering the great guy he was before the addiction began!


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