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Bethanee C.

By Bethanee's mom, Teresa

Bethanee Cook

10/25/94 - 11/10/22

Bethanee was a rare one in a million person. She was a true light and people were just drawn to her. From birth until she left earth even strangers sought her out. She loved to "chat" and had an out of this world laugh. She had a huge heart and radiated love.

She had a lot of trauma and turned to drugs when her 17 yr old like a conjoined twin little sister was murdered on Bethanee's 19th birthday. 3 years later she gave birth to the love of her life, her daughter. They were 2 peas in a pod. She started trying to fight her addiction.

For 2 years through super hard work she maintained her sobriety. She turned her life completely around and became the mother she'd always dreamed about. She was a great manager at her job, and customers came to "see her" because they loved her zest for life. Sadly she relapsed and lost her fight on November 10, 2022.

She left a gaping hole and the world a much darker place. She was so much more than her addiction.


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