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Kevin T.

By Kevin's mom, Leslie

Kevin Scott Taulton

Frederick, Maryland

My only son, Kevin, lost his life to a heroin overdose on September 26, 2015, at the age of 27, the day after my birthday. This is a day that I will never be able to celebrate again. On that day, I lost the love of my life, my baby boy.

Kevin was a bright, smart boy who could have done anything that he wanted to in his life. He was an honor student all throughout middle and high school. He also loved skateboarding, doing funny pranks with his friends, playing his guitar, and drawing. In high school, Kevin also took a welding class and would always bring home what he made.

In his 11th year, Kevin started skipping school. I talked to him about it, and found out that he was using drugs - from marijuana to pills - and he said it was just because he was bored. When he told me, I put him in a adolescent treatment program.

In the years that followed, Kevin’s addiction progressed from marijuana and pills to heroin. He struggled for years, and was in and out of treatment programs. During this time, Kevin would lie, steal, and do whatever he needed to do to get another high. He did tell me “Mom, I don’t want to be an addict. I hate heroin. I hate myself for being this way.” Finally, in 2014, Kevin went to a 28 day program. Upon his release, he was placed in a recovery house, and he maintained his recovery for about a year.

Kevin eventually moved home with me and began working with me at our produce market, and also as a waiter in the evenings. He would give me his money to save so that we could fix his truck.

But on September 26th, the day after my birthday, I found Kevin unresponsive in his room with a needle and spoon in his hand.

I will never know why he went back to heroin. I don’t know why I didn’t see any signs. I am forever heartbroken, and forever missing my son.

Heroin is taking too many lives.


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