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Kevin J.

By Kevin's mom, Lori

Kevin Alan Johnson

Bloomington, Indiana

Kevin, my firstborn son, entered this world on March 20, 1983. For the first eight years of his life, it was just Kevin and myself. Then I married and a little brother was added to his life. Growing up, Kevin was always on the go. He was a great student. School was easy for him, yet Kevin never seemed to find what it was he was meant to do with his life. Kevin was the kind of person who never saw a stranger - he could make anyone feel comfortable in any circumstance. He was caring, compassionate and had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. Kevin would have done anything for anyone. He was intelligent, much too intelligent to have died this way.

Kevin was a fun-loving big guy, with a wonderful smile, and who loved his family and friends. It didn’t matter who you were, when Kevin would leave he would give you a big hug. He loved music, reading, playing video games, and cooking; he could make the most delicious meals. Kevin loved the outdoors, especially camping and spending time around campfires with his family and friends.

I know that Kevin experimented with drugs in high school, maybe as early as middle school. I thought it was behavior that he would grow out of. I never realized how far it had gone and what a hold it had on him. Kevin suffered terrible back pain from two failed surgeries and was due for a third - all at the young age of 25. It was after Kevin’s first surgery that brought the beginning of his drug abuse; which spiraled from there with each attempt to find something that would relieve the pain, but Kevin could not find any peace. When speaking with Kevin once about his addiction, he told me that he did not feel normal without the drugs; he could not function. Those of us who do not suffer from addiction do not understand that feeling, but I know it is real. No one would choose this life.

What Kevin loved the most in life was his son. I think he was in awe that he had created such a beautiful little person. He was Kevin’s world, his reason to get up every day and try again. This sweet little boy who will never know how much his daddy loved him, how hard he tried for him. For if Kevin only knew he would never have left him.

Kevin died October 9, 2008, of an accidental overdose. Earlier that evening he had attended a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Our lives were forever changed. We think of Kevin and miss him every day.


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