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Jordan G.

By Jordan's dad, Danny

Jordan Gilbert

Roanoke, VA

Jordan Racquel Gilbert was 27 when she passed on March 26, 2017.

A middle child with lots of spunk, and an immeasurable zest for life. Jordan was fierce on the soccer field; had a passion for music, whether belting out a song or chiming into a classic with an instrument; her artistic abilities gave us many beautiful colored paintings and other family treasures that we continue to display in our home. Our “Jo Jo” was a bright student and a master fashionista, earning a high school accolade for her stylish flair. Her abilities and gifts offered a future unencumbered by boundaries until the temptation of experimentation crossed this blued eyed beauty’s path… her life and ours would NEVER be the same.

Like so many other stories, Jordan wanted to get clean and had been looking forward to going to a treatment facility in Charlotte, NC. On March 26, 2017 for some inexplicable reason Jordan took a non-prescribed dose of methadone and passed. We believe she was trying to ease the pains of withdrawal. Jo’s drugs of choice had been heroin and Xanax, but Jordan’s autopsy revealed no heroin or Xanax in her body. The disease may have taken her from this world, but never from our minds or our hearts. We will fight the fight to save other lives from the deadly consequences of addiction and the horrible havoc its hold has on their loved ones. If you have not gone through losing a child, another family member or close friend, it would be difficult to understand what our family is going through. I know Jordan would not have wanted us to suffer the way we are!

Jo Jo, your family loves you “to the moon and back times infinity” -- as her youthful niece would say!

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