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Jerrid Y.

By Jerrid's mom, Susan

Jerrid Franklin Younker

Sidney, Ohio

June 5, 1998 - March 14, 2016

I found my 17 year old son, Jerrid Younker, dead on March 14, 2016. Almost three months later, I found out that his death was the result of fentanyl intoxication. I had no idea Jerrid was using drugs and am devastated by this. Jerrid missed his high school graduation, his 18th birthday, and so much of his life due to one bad decision. I will never forgive myself for not recognizing the signs that he was using drugs, and I hope to help prevent others from this tragedy.

Growing up, Jerrid was a dedicated fisherman. He loved being outdoors, especially activities involving mud and/or animals. He was an avid Bengals fan. We had been going to annual Browns vs. Bengals football games every year - it became a mother/son tradition. I will miss that deeply this year.

Jerrid was only 17 years old and had enough credits to graduate high school early. He was supposed to walk in his graduation on May 26th, and he wasn’t even recognized for all his hard work over the years after he died. Jerrid was a good kid, a big prankster to all, and he loved little kids and animals dearly. He had his whole life ahead of him, but now it’s all lost. Jerrid left behind his parents and a brother and sister who miss him terribly.


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