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Domenic & Vincent R.

By Domenic & Vincent's dad, Chucky

Domenic & Vincent Rosa

Seabrook, New Hampshire

Domenic and Vincent Rosa were the oldest of six children. They were good sons, brothers, cousins and friends. They both had big hearts and were remarkably compassionate people. They did mixed martial arts, skateboarded, cooked, played ice hockey for many years and taught skating clinics to kids who adored them. They were decent students and most importantly, they were respectful. They both began battling with substance abuse at the age of 14. They would manage to be “good” for awhile---trying to manage their demons---before falling down again. Both boys eventually lost the fight.

We consider ourselves blessed to have known Domenic and Vincent and grateful for their short stay with us. They give us the guidance to help others.

After losing my two eldest sons, I vowed to make a difference through awareness and education. In an effort to reach those who are suffering from addiction or trying to help a loved one, I visit schools and treatment centers to tell my story and educate young audiences about the dangers of substance use. If I can save at least one child by sharing my experience of loss, strength and hope, it is all worth it.

My sons were cremated and we spread their ashes into the ocean. Now, I wake up each morning and take a dip in the sea, regardless of the weather. I start my day with both of them. I encourage others to “come take a dip” with me in celebration of the clean and sober life.

For more information, visit Chucky Rosa’s website:


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