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Chloe B.

By Chloe's mom, Tina

Chloe passed away at the age of 17 from fentanyl-laced heroin. She was a senior in high school. The only plan she had was to get her diploma, turn 18 and travel the US. I always joked about her being my hippie child. She wanted to go to California and play music.

Chloe loved music, at the age of 8 she asked for her first guitar.  She never took a lesson and was an amazing musician. Any instrument she touched, she could play!  She always had a smile on her face, her smile could light up a room.

Chloe was very close to her siblings. She has two older sisters, an older brother and a little sister. The five of them were always very close. Her friends were very important to her also and were always at our house. Chloe loved dyeing and cutting her friends hair and her hair also. I never knew what color to expect 😊 I always thought she would make a great cosmetologist.

I didn’t notice any real change in Chloe, nothing that I didn’t see in her older siblings when they were her age. Normal teenage behavior is what I thought. Her oldest sister said she thought something was wrong so I confronted Chloe and she said she tried heroin. I really didn’t understand the depth of this drug. I did hear that once you tried it you were hooked so I told Chloe she needed to do a treatment program and I began Nar-Anon. Chloe didn’t like the outpatient treatment so we put her into a 3 day detox program. From there, we put her into a long term program for children under 18. They mentioned to Chloe that if she didn’t participate she would be asked to leave. So, Chloe did just that! She didn’t participate, they asked me to come get her. This was just two weeks after she arrived.

I was devastated, I wanted her to complete the program. She promised me she would attend AA and NA and she agreed to me randomly drug testing her at home.

She did all that with a vengeance! She loved her meetings. She loved receiving her sobriety keychains.

I don’t know what happened, I believe she relapsed the day she passed and because of the fentanyl she didn’t have a chance 😢💔

I will continue to tell Chloe’s story until my last day. She did not die in vain. I hope to help others with her story.

Thank you,

Chloe’s mom


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