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Chelsey C.

By Chelsey's mom, Lynda

Chelsey Crowe

Mt. Sterling, MO

Chelsey Lea Crowe, 9/21/84 - 5/1/16

Chelsey was beautiful inside and out... She left at the age of 31. She was our only child. We are so lost without her!!!

Chelsey was funny, quirky, witty, friendly to all, and she had friends everywhere she went. She was caring and was always looking after her friends, especially those who had trouble at home or who she saw spiral into meth use... Once you were her friend, she had your back from then on.

She LOVED to cook from a very young age and just kept getting better. She graduated from college with a degree in business and culinary arts, and always worked in that field.

Chelsey suffered from kidney stones from a very young age, and in hindsight, we can see now how easy it was for her to progress to heroin use! But at the time when we found out she was using, we were so shocked. I knew nothing about opioids and addiction and got her into a 15 day detox and that was it. God, if I only knew then what I know now!!!

She is so loved and missed, and if only we could turn back time!!!


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