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Chad T.

By Chad's mom, Marie

Chad Allen Trent

High Point, NC

Chad's struggles with addiction started at the age of 15. He suffered from depression and anxiety, and started using prescription pain medication to self-medicate. Chad’s eight-year battle with addiction ended with a three-year battle with heroin use.

Fighting to get clean without help, Chad lost his battle on December 4, 2015. He tried to get into detox and treatment centers repeatedly, only to be turned down by either the lack of insurance, or because his situation "wasn't serious enough." Chad used heroin on a regular basis and it "wasn't serious enough"? Chad gave up on the system and decided to fight his addiction on his own; he tried meditations, walks, and healthier eating. We were both kidding ourselves to think that this would work, but we didn't see any other option.

Chad was very intelligent and had a deep soul. He loved animals, kids, music, and writing. He would write music and blog posts on many online addiction-battle websites. Chad was also very outspoken on political issues and world affairs; he was very interested in traveling the world with the hope to make it a better place.

Chad was so much more than of his addiction. If only he had a fighting chance to get help, the world would have been a better place from him being in it. Too many have lost this fight due to the lack of insurance and resources. It's too late for my son and a large part of his generation, but hopefully, we can see some change in the near future and save the lives of others.


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