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Cassidy C.

By Cassidy's mom, Charla

Cassidy Aspen Cochran

Birmingham, AL

Cassidy was our only child, our sunshine. She was hilarious, stunning, brilliant, irreverent, compassionate, talented, intense and had a beautiful soul. Cassidy loved animals, singing, acting and music; she lived and did everything she loved in full throttle. Cassidy was more than her struggles and her disease. She lit up the room wherever she went. We miss Cassidy more than words can express.

Cassidy died of a Fentanyl overdose at age 22, and this is our truth. She tried heroin for the first time at age 15 and since then we lived with this disease, as a family, for a very long time. We suffered, but not as much as Cassidy. For Cassidy this disease was terminal, and now she has been released. She was our sunshine, our beautiful and bright angel. Cassidy could have achieved anything in life, and she still shines today.

Since losing Cassidy, I started a blog called “My New Normal,” which tells the honest, raw and emotional accounts of life after losing a child to an overdose.


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