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Anthony C.

By Anthony's mom, Karen

Anthony Colli

Lincoln, Rhode Island

My precious son, Anthony Colli, died on August 9, 2015. That day my heart was broken into a million pieces. Anthony was an extremely intelligent young man, compassionate, and caring. He loved to help home the homeless by feeding them, giving them a drink, and taking time to make them feel important. Anthony suffered from severe anxiety and depression from a young age and began to self-medicate in high school; his drug of choice was Xanax. He abused his medication, abused alcohol, and had an issue with pain killers for a time.

Anthony was put in a sober house where they took away his anti-anxiety medication, but being a person who suffered from severe anxiety, Anthony took it upon himself to find a drug that could make him feel better and found a drug called clonazepam, a synthetic benzodiazepine. This package was delivered to my mailbox when Anthony came home from the sober house. I had no idea what this package was, only that Anthony said it was an herbal substance, Kava Kava to help with his anxiety. The next day, my son was dead. He is greatly missed by many and his legacy of love lives on. His teachers have said of Anthony, as have many others that, "there will never be another human being like Anthony."

The world lost a great young man the day he died and my heart is forever broken.


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