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Andrew A.

By Andrew's mom, Karen

Andrew Angers

Saginaw, Michigan

Andrew was born April 5,1982, at 12:01 a.m. He was a beautiful baby and had a star quality about him as a toddler. Growing up Andrew was a happy, healthy boy with a kind heart and a brilliant smile. Then one day he was not so happy anymore.

As Andrew entered high school, he began to struggle with personal demons. As a result, he experimented with drugs as a way to cope with his emotions. Andrew was immediately taken hostage by addiction and his battle progressed before he even graduated. Andrew did manage to graduate, although a year later than he should have. Regardless, it was a happy day.

For the years following, Andrew’s struggles with addiction continued but at times it seemed he was gaining the upper hand. Andrew entered college and even married his high school sweetheart. Sadly, college went by the wayside and the marriage failed. Even throughout all the hardships, Andrew was still there - there were glimpses of the sweet, sensitive, kind-hearted man he was.

Andrew was a very talented musician and was often seen walking around wearing a banjo. He had the most wonderful smile and such a warm laugh. Andrew had hope right up until the end. In a final phone call he spoke of his future and being done with using. On June 18, 2009, Andrew was found dead from an overdose. It truly was the day the music ended.


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