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Amber C.

By Amber's mom, Shelly

Amber Marie Cleveland

Andover, MA

My only child, Amber, loved life. We were very close; she was my mini-me! Growing up, Amber was a shy child, but grew out of it as she got older. She had a heart of gold, and was always ready to help anyone who needed it.

Amber loved animals. We always used to go to the Zoo together. Amber grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, crabs, and rats. About six months before she passed, Amber signed up to volunteer for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We went about five times before she passed.

Amber started using prescription medications because of her illness, but began using heroin a few years ago when her father gave it to her in a capsule. From then on, she was addicted.

Amber's father had been in prison for several years, and when he was released, she wanted to be with him; so she and her boyfriend moved in with him. They all used drugs together, but Amber got into it harder. I later placed her in a methadone clinic, but she didn't stay long.

Eventually, the three of them had to move out so Amber and her boyfriend moved into a rooming house; I couldn't have her living with me while she was using. She was kicked out for a variety of reasons and ended up living under a bridge.

Finally, as my boyfriend and I were looking for a new place, I told Amber that if she went to detox, we would invite her to live with us after she got clean. She agreed and we started looking for a place. When my boyfriend and I found a place, we left a couple of messages for Amber to let her know. But on August 24, 2016, while I was at work, I got the call.

My life was over, I just lost my whole world. Right now, as I'm planning my daughter's services, I'm continuing to grieve. Life will never be the same. Something needs to be done, everyone is dying.

Thank you Amber Marie

4/7/95 - 8/24/16.


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