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Aaron V.

By Aaron's partner, Jessica

Aaron Vargo

Harrisburg, PA

Aaron was an all-American boy. He grew up in a great, large family with many cousins who were all the closest of friends. He had a mother and a sister who cherished him and an extremely bright future.

His issues started around the time he graduated high school when he was prescribed Percocet. It was less than a year before he was shooting heroin.

We spent many years together - I had the absolute best times of my life with him, and the absolute worst. We lived a completely normal life for a few years. We had the most beautiful little boy, who Aaron always told me was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Even at the worst of times he held me up, he pushed me into rehab several times and I did the same to him. We swore and promised ourselves a hundred times we were going to get our lives back, put our family back together. We prayed for that very thing, together, in tears many times.

Aaron lost his fight on Nov. 1, 2017. I will never forget that day. I will never forget that feeling. I pray he is at peace. I pray he is surrounded by nothing but love. And knowing I will see him again someday is what keeps me moving everyday. I try to live my life today to make him proud. I will not let people forget him and I will not let him be known solely as a statistic. He is someone who deserves to be remembered. He is also someone who should still be here.


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