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Lloyd W.

By Lloyd's mom, Sharon

Lloyd Andrew White

5/27/92 – 5/16/19

Lloyd was a deeply spiritual person that lit up a room with his positivity, sense of humor. Lloyd was much more than his Substance Use Disorder. He was a loving, kind, creative, and highly intelligent person who loved his family and was incredibly generous in supporting others in their recovery journey through his wisdom and compassion. Lloyd doted on his two sisters, Anna and Stephanie, and the love of his life, Rachel who recently earned her doctorate in Pharmacy.

He attended catholic school throughout all his education and played baseball, soccer, and rugby in high school often winning many awards. Another one of his greatest gifts was painting and drawing and there was almost nothing that he couldn’t fix; he was mechanically gifted. Some of his achievements involved public policy and volunteering with me to improve services for individuals with Substance Use Disorder and mental health challenges. In fact, before he passed and most recently, we collaborated on Lloyd’s Law in PA that would eliminate discrimination for people who carry Narcan.

Please see the legislation below that I authored and was Co-sponsored by Rep. Margo Davidson in 164th district Delaware County, PA.

Lloyd’s Law – Eliminating Discrimination in Life Insurance Coverage Regarding Naloxone (Narcan).

From: Chairwoman Margo L. Davidson

“The opioid crisis has affected nearly every one of us. This tragic epidemic has so many ripple effects and unseen consequences and this bill Lloyds Law will rectify one of those impacts by ending discrimination in insurance coverage against those who access Naloxone to save a loved one from overdose. Individuals who carry Narcan are saving lives and should not be penalized by insurance companies or any other entities to continue this life-saving practice. It is imperative that the Good Samaritan Law and the Governor’s Standing Order to obtain Narcan be protected.”

We appreciate the opportunity to share Lloyd and my family’s story.


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