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Cody A.

By Cody’s mom, Kathy

Cody Arbuckle

My 23 year-old son, Cody, was a loving and kind soul. He always treated me and his father with respect, never once called me a name. He would help anyone that needed it and even encouraged his friends to be better. Cody was a son, brother and now an uncle that my granddaughter will never know. He loved animals and volunteered at the Indianapolis zoo. Cody had a strong work ethic and somehow managed to work while addicted to heroin. I started to notice that my son Cody would nod off while sitting in the living room and yet could also be coherent. Cody was open with us that he was addicted. He tried to stop and was so sick -- crying out for help, throwing up blood and could not sleep or eat. It was horrible to watch my son in such agony. I gave Cody $20 and I cried and told him I hate this drug and we need to get help. He finally agreed to go to a drug treatment facility. I searched on the internet and spoke with a few treatment centers. One, in particular, called me quite often and I finally said, “okay, this place sounds and looks good.” I bought him an airline ticket and he flew out to a treatment facility in Las Vegas.

He was trying so hard to fight the demon of heroin. After 19 days in the treatment facility, he died. They left my son unattended for over 14 hours. No records of his life. Needless to say, I am suing. I am proud to say that the Coroner report showed no heroin or opiates in Cody’s body.

Receiving the call was the worse call I had ever taken. Thankfully my husband was home. I had the Coroner on speakerphone, and I screamed NO, threw my phone and my body onto the floor. My husband had to finish the call. My life is forever changed. I cry A LOT, rarely smile anymore. I feel guilt for sending Cody to that treatment center. I was only trying to save his life. It has been 18 months since Cody’s passing and time does not ease the pain.

Drug treatment centers need more rules and regulations.

Never forgotten and always loved, Cody’s mom Kathy


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